Curriculum Vitae

I am currently working as Senior BI Consultant at Business&Decision.


The last 3 years I gained experience in several international projects with functional focus on Data Governance/ Data Quality (the profiling of data, detection and correction of quality gaps in business processes and data itself).


In general I offer skills that are critical to success and problem-solving. While understanding the “big picture”, I flourish in environments where tasks are clearly defined. I love improving processes and making things more efficient. My ability to detect patterns and my skills in math and logic make me come up with ideas and theories that simplify processes for everyone.


Additionally, due to good software engineering and programming knowledge, I developed and maintained SAS programs for Telco, Banking and Credit Card Companies. In these projects I acquired experience in Data Analysis, ETL, Risk Analysis, Data Warehouse Development and Data Security.




… [Work in progress]


Thomas Jegust

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